A Barocci, a Ribera and a Baciccio Displayed at Antoine Tarantino’s

26/3/13 - Art market - Paris, Galerie Antoine Tarantino - In a talented and determined fashion, Antoine Tarantino in his gallery located rue Saint-Georges, a bit off the beaten track, presents exhibitions highlighting Italian painting, with a noticeable fondness for the Roman school, on a regular basis. This time, the art dealer outshines himself with three canvases by major artists, two of which are totally unpublished.

The first is a Study of a Man Reading by Federico Barrocci (ill. 1). In the catalogue published by the gallery, Andrea Emiliani, the specialist and author of the monograph, the scholarly reference, on the artist, links this figure to the elaboration of a character in The Institution of the Eucharist residing at Santa Maria sopra Minerva in Rome, and has found a mention of it in a 17th century inventory possibly corresponding to this painting which appears to have been in the collection of Cardinal Antonio Barberini.

1. Federico Barocci (1535-1612)
Study of a Man Reading, c. 1605-1607
Oil on Canvas - 65.5 x 49.5 cm
Galerie Antoine Tarantino
Photo : Galerie Antoine Tarantino

2. Jusepe de Ribera (1591-1652)
Saint Jude Thaddaeus, c. 1609-1610
Oil on Canvas - 111.2 x 88.6 cm
Galerie Antoine Tarantino
Photo : Galerie Antoine Tarantino

Another painting is in fact an important rediscovery, as this is an apostle - Saint Jude Thaddaeus - by Jusepe de Ribera (ill. 2), part of an Apostolado [1], known as a "minor" series (due to the size of the canvas). The Louvre recently acquired, at the Hôtel Drouot auction house, a Saint John which was part of the same ensemble (see news item of 27/3/12) of which several apostles have still not been found. Saint Matthew resides in a Parisian private collection, Saint James is on the Spanish art market (Caylus Gallery), Saint Thomas in Budapest, while Christ is, according to Gianni Papi (the author of the catalogue), the one held in the church of Saint Pierre de Nivillac in Brittany [2]. At least six apostles are still missing, though they might one day resurface, perhaps in France where several have already been found.

3. Giovanni Battista Gaulli,
called Il Baciccio (1639-1709)
The Triumph of the Name of Jesus, c. 1676
Oil on Canvas - 67 x 41 cm
Galerie Antoine Tarantino
Photo : Galerie Antoine Tarantino

The exhibition also includes several important drawings, including one The Arrest of Christ by Guercino and a Portrait of a Woman Sitting (Jeanne Vignier, Mrs. Bergeret) by Fragonard (produced in Rome, thus justifying its presentation in the exhibition) and other paintings, but we would especially note the ethereal study by Baciccio for the Triumph of the Name of Jesus (ill. 3), a very early draft for the vaulted ceiling in the church of the Gesù in Rome, one of the most important Baroque décors in Italian art history.

Rome, de Barocci à Fragonard, from 20 March to 8 June 2013, Galerie Tarantino, 38 rue Saint Georges, 75009 Paris. Tel : 01 40 16 42 38. Catalogue available.

Internet website for the Galerie Tarantino.

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Didier Rykner, vendredi 29 mars 2013


[1] An Apostolado is a series of thirteen paintings representing the twelve apostles and Christ.

[2] Still according to Papi, a fragment in the Kolliker collection in Milan might also come from the same series.

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