A Promised Gift to the Louvre of a Landscape by Gabriel Prieur

Gabriel Prieur (1806-1879)
The View of the Graves, a View of the Environs of Rome, 1833
Oil on Canvas - 146 x 192 cm
Paris, Musée du Louvre (donation, in the form of a promised gift)
Photo : Aguttes

28/6/12 - Acquisition - Paris, Musée du Louvre - The Louvre has just received a donation, in the form of a promised gift, of a painting by Gabriel Prieur representing a view of the Roman countryside, exhibited at the Salon of 1836 entitled The View of the Graves, a View of the Environs of Rome (ill.). This is not the first time this generous donor has stepped forward as we are talking about the Parisian collector, Antoine Béal, who already donated three paintings to the Louvre in the past (see news item of 6/11/10). He had purchased this work on 30 March 2011 at the Chirée auction which took place at the Hôtel Drouot, at Aguttes’.

Until now, the Louvre did not own any works by this artist who was a student of Jean-Victor Bertin and won the Prix de Rome for historical landscapes in 1833 with Ulysses and Nausicaa (Paris, Ensba). He went on to lead a long career as a landscapist (exhibiting at the Salon until 1798, the year before he died). However, there are very few paintings by him in French museums.
The style of this Roman landscape recalls that of Paul Flandrin whom he must have known in Rome where Flandrin had gone to follow his brother Hippolyte, Prix de Rome in 1832. The group of figures in the foreground, a woman accompanied by her two children, is close to the Italian peasant women which artists, notably French (Achille Bénouville, Dominique Papety, Ernest Hébert...), painted at that time.

Version française

Didier Rykner, jeudi 28 juin 2012

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