ADMICAL Launches a Petition for Patronage

Lucas Cranach (1472-1553)
The Three Graces, 1531
Oil on Panel - 37 x 24.2 cm
Work partially acquired
thanks to popular patronage donations
Paris, Musée du Louvre
Photo : Musée du Louvre

13/6/12 - France - Patronage - We had passed on the information revealed by Vincent Noce in Libération here on our site, concerning the French Budget Ministry’s wish to cut fiscal deductions for patronage by half. The news was confirmed today in the same newspaper by Aurélie Filippetti. Nevertheless, the French Minister of Culture stated that she was totally opposed to such a measure. Yet, as Vincent Noce pointed out, "the battle is not over however [because] the Budget [Ministry] has not backed down."

The cultural world did not take long to react. ADMICAL (Association pour le Développement du Mécenat Industriel et Commercial) has just posted a petition already signed by many well-known figures. We invite all the readers of The Art Tribune to join them.
Is the new President of the French Republic, a few weeks after his election, going to allow the abolition of a measure which has proven to be so effective ? Did he not promise during the electoral campaign that he would preserve the Cultural budget ? This would indeed be a blatant sign of hypocrisy if he were to maintain the budget but eliminate a funding source which is just as important.

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Didier Rykner, jeudi 14 juin 2012

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