Another Vouet resurfaces at auction in Stockholm

Ascribed to Simon
Vouet (1590-1649)
Virgin with
Child Asking for Breast

Oil on canvas - 89 x 73.5 cm
Sold at Bukowskis,
Stockholm on 28
May 2008
Photo : Bukowski

9/6/08 — Discovery — Simon Vouet — On Wednesday, 28 May, at Bukowskis, the Stockholm auction house, an oil on canvas representing a Virgin with Child () catalogued simply as a 17th or 18th century Italian school, was presented just before the sale as “ascribed to Simon Vouet” and sold finally for 3,650,000 Swedish crowns, that is 391,000€.

As seen in the excellent photograph published on the auction house’s Internet website, the work appears probably to be authentic as was confirmed to us by Arnauld Brejon de Lavergnée. Unlike most of the examples in full-bust of Virgin with Child by Vouet, this composition is known only through very few copies (one is held at the Musée Paul Arbaud in Aix-en-Provence). It was engraved, in the same direction, by Jean Boulanger in 1661 [1]. Several versions of Virgin with Child by Vouet have reappeared in the last few years, including the Vierge Hesselin recently acquired by the Louvre (see news item, in French, of 19/2/05) or the one of the galerie Coatalem in Paris (see news item, in French, of 16/11/05).
In 2006, two other Vouet works, previously considered anonymous, had also been discovered in similar cases in Detroit (see news item of 18/9/06 in French on La Tribune de l’Art) and in Paris (see news item of 8/11/06 in French on La Tribune de l’Art).

Version française

Didier Rykner, lundi 9 juin 2008


[1] See the exhibition catalogue for Vouet, Paris, Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais, 1990-1991, p. 295.

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