Aurélie Filippetti Appointed French Minister of Culture

Aurélie Filippetti
French Minister of Culture
Photo : Korben, Wikimedia Commons

16/5/12 - Appointment - French Ministry of Culture - It comes as no surprise : Aurélie Filippetti has been appointed as the French Minister of Culture and Communications in the first government of Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, under the newly elected President François Hollande.
At only 38, she is the youngest Minister of Culture since the position was created in the Fifth Republic. With a literary background (she holds notably an Agregation in the Classics), she started out as a political militant in the Ecologist party before joining the Socialists in 2006. As part of François Hollande’s campaign team, she was in charge of Culture, making her a natural over the past few months for the ministry she obtained today.

We of course hope to witness a positive change in the cultural policies of this new government, particularly the fields of heritage and museums. However, we have no clue as to the new minister’s intentions. She has rarely (even never ?) expressed herself on the subjects, totally absent from her blog. In an article entitled "Il faut en finir avec les réductions de crédits sur le budget de la culture [We must stop making cuts in the cultural budget]" (a demand we heartily support), the only subject under discussion was live shows. Let us hope that Aurélie Filippetti will soon discover that the scope of the Ministry of Culture also includes managing our heritage and that she will take the necessary measures (some of which we have suggested here, in French) to ensure its protection. We reserve our judgement until we see her actions.

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Didier Rykner, mardi 22 mai 2012

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