Aurélie Filippetti Shows Support for Business Patronage

15/6/12 - France - Patronage - A few days ago, we wondered about the new French Cultural Minister’s position concerning the unprecedented attack by the Ministry of the Budget against business patronage, which would cut fiscal deductions by half.

Aurélie Filippetti has since spoken out clearly against this attempt, notably in an interview in the newspaper, Libération. She "intends to defend the current fiscal measure supporting business patronage [not seeing] how the State could do without this contribution."
However, she thinks that "we are going through a normal process" and that in any case "Matignon [the French Prime Minister’s office] will decide", a prospect which leaves us less than comfortable.

Is it really normal that the Ministry of the Budget should propose such a detrimental and ineffective measure ? If it were to be approved, the State would either have to make up the difference for the cultural budget, thus increasing expenses, or else it chooses not to do so and the consequences would be dire indeed, notably for museums and heritage.
We invite our readers at The Art Tribune once again, to sign the petition posted by ADMICAL.

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Didier Rykner, vendredi 15 juin 2012

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