Bertrand Delanoë Demands the Halle Freyssinet Be Unlisted

The halle Freyssinet
View of the part along the rue du Chevaleret
Photo : Didier Rykner

12/6/12 - Heritage - Paris, Halle Freyssinet - How far can Bertrand Delanoë go in his determination to destroy Parisian heritage ? After entirely demolishing the Molitor pool (see the preceding news item), the change in presidential political majority and Cultural minister [1] has now driven him to demand the unlisting of the Halle Freyssinet, recently protected as a historical monument.

According to our sources, the mayor of Paris has written to Aurélie Filippetti expressing the request. This is a serious cause for concern : the cabinet director of the new minister is none other than Laurence Engel who, just a month ago, was director of Cultural Affairs for the City of Paris.
The decision to protect the Halle Freyssinet, whose importance we recall here, was made after the Commission régionale du patrimoine et des sites voted, with a large majority, to preserve it. The law provides that a building be listed because it "presents a sufficent historical or artistic interest to make its preservation desirable" and that this interest is determined by a commission of specialists. Neither the mayor of Paris, nor the Minister of Culture can legitimately decide suddenly that the Halle Freyssinet holds no interest, especially only three months after being listed.

We continue to repeat : it seems that we now live in an "exemplary Republic". How can we then imagine that the Minister of Culture might comply with this illegitimate and scandalous demand made by the mayor of Paris for purely political reasons. This is a major test of Aurélie Filippetti’s credibility.

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Didier Rykner, mercredi 13 juin 2012


[1] We should remember he was offered the position !

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