Bibliography for Modern Era Sculpture Posted Online

16/7/12 - Database - INHA - The INHA has recently posted a new database offering a bibliography for sculpture from the modern era, drawn solely from periodical listings. The exact name is "bibliographie critique" but the "critical" aspect is not clear to us as, unless we are mistaken, it contains no commentaries on the articles. This, in fact, does not really matter since the work presented is in itself extremely useful for art historians working on sculpture of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, providing references for journals which are at times either little-known or not always accessible.

We would like to provide our own comments concerning first, as we have before, the INHA Agorha platform (see article, in French). Despite its complexity, it would appear that we will have to bear with it for quite some time still. Fortunately, it is less problematic for this database than, for example, the list of Italian paintings which of course represents a more complicated structure. In this case, users need only (this is an understatement) select "recherche sur" [search for] on the left then "référence bibliographique", then "recherche expert" and, finally, under the heading "bases de données", select by clicking on the symbol "book" on the right, the needed repertory in order to obtain an adequately user-friendly research field which searches through this database and only this one.
It is always useful to see the entire contents of a database in case one finds something not originally in mind. Thus, once the previous steps have been taken, we would advise users to launch a search without filling out any of the headings. This will bring up the entire database, on condition that in the heading "affichage", users select "liste" and type in 2000, resulting in access to all of the articles.

In the entry corresponding to each of these articles, users will find notably a complete bibliographical reference, the index number for the INHA library and, most importantly, the article online if it is available, which is the case for the oldest texts as well as certain journals found on Internet [for instance, some of the issues of Revue de l’Art [1] (see article, in French)].
However, we do find it unfortunate that the very long article published by Françoise de La Moureyre, Le catalogue raisonné de Philippe de Buyster published on this site in 2007 does not appear...

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Didier Rykner, mercredi 18 juillet 2012


[1] On this subject, let us point out that in 2005 we had written : "Only the years from 1986 to 1999 are available for the moment, those before 1986 will soon be added." Seven years later, only six years (1980-1985) have been provided, and the images are still missing...

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