Cancellation of the Louvre exhibition in Verona !

24/5/08 — Exhibition — Louvre/Verona — The news was released by Studio Esseci, the press agency in charge of communications for Linea d’Ombra : the exhibition of Louvre masterpieces in Verona, which we were the first to reveal in France (and denounce[[See our editorial of 2 April 2008]) has been cancelled.
The official reason is the following : “Given its present status, there is not enough time to organize this important exhibition, if one takes into account the works required as well as all of the technical, administrative and legal conditions needed to guarantee the arrival, safety and conservation of the masterpieces.”

Vincent Pomarède, head curator of the Département des peintures at the Louvre, whom we contacted, gave us some more details : the work undertaken in the palace which was to house the exhibition was not far enough along to guarantee the safety of the art pieces ; the Louvre thus preferred to abandon the project as allowed by one of the clauses in the contract. We can only rejoice at this decision and delight in the cancellation - permanent , according to Vincent Pomarède – of this show. Let us hope that the Louvre will refrain in the future from participating in this type of exhibition.

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Didier Rykner, samedi 24 mai 2008

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