Catherine Pégard Is Clearly Opposed to the PLU Projects for the Park in Versailles

Catherine Pégard’s press conference
held in the History galleries of the château, currently under
renovation. From left to right : Laurent Brunner, Béatrix Saule,
Catherine Pégard, Denis Berthomier
on 26 January 2012
Photo : Didier Rykner

26/01/12 - Heritage - Versailles, Domaine national - Catherine Pégard held her first press conference as president of the Etablissement public du château et du domaine national de Versailles.
She is definitely keeping a low profile stating that she relies on specialists (which has been confirmed so far since her appointment). In any case, she is in no way challenging Jean-Jacques Aillagon’s policies, and plans to pursue the projects already in progress, continuing also to include contemporary art in the program, although the choice of Giuseppe Penone in 2013 should be less controversial. Catherine Pégard also confirmed that the grove of trees, Rond-Vert, now fallow, would be treated in a contemporary manner. We will be following this matter closely as a "contemporary" treatment should not mean permanent installations. We would remind our readers that a garden committee had been organized by the previous president which had decided to authorize only floral and botanical compositions here without any construction [1]. The subject deserves particular attention.

However, the most important statement made by Catherine Pégard concerns the fact that the Etablissement public takes exactly the same position towards the PLU project as that expressed by Jean-Jacques Aillagon in our paper (see article). Catherine Pégard added that she would be particularly watchful and would ask the French Minister of Culture and that of the Environment to apply the regulations. Her main concerns, she said, are protecting the permanence of the royal domain and its landscaping. We heartily approve.

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Didier Rykner, mercredi 1er février 2012


[1] We would also point out that the grove had plants before the 2001 storm. There is no reason why it should not recover this previous state as it was only vegetation.

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