Donation of a Wax Model by David d’Angers to the Cabinet des médailles at the Louvre

1/1/12 - Acquisition - Paris, Cabinet des médailles, Louvre - The Cabinet des médailles has received a donation from Francesco Tuzio of a wax model by the sculptor representing Jean-Baptiste Kleber (ill. 1) shortly before the opening of the exhibition David d’Angers, les visages du romantisme (see article in French, soon translated).

1. Pierre-Jean David d’Angers (1788-1856)
Portrait of Jean-Baptiste Kleber
Paris, Cabinet des médailles
Photo : BnF

2. Pierre-Jean David d’Angers (1788-1856)
Jean-Baptiste Kleber, 1831
Bronze - D. 18 cm
Paris, Cabinet des médailles
Photo : BnF

When creating his bronze medallions, David d’Anger first worked with a paring chisel on the wax glued to a slate board. He then poured plaster on it to obtain a round mold, used in turn to produce the original plaster medallion which would then be turned over to the founder.
The wax model donated to the Cabinet des médailles is an early draft for the medallion (ill. 2) bearing the likeness of General Kleber, rather than the model which was actually used when founding it which was generally destroyed during the process.

This is a posthumous portrait as the sculptor was only twelve years when Kleber died in 1800 from knife wounds in Cairo. The medallion, dated 1831, was inspired, as was this wax model, from an ivory miniature by Jean-Urbain Guérin held at the Louvre.

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Didier Rykner, mardi 3 janvier 2012

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