Extension for applications to lease the Hôtel de la Marine

Staircase of the Hôtel de la Marine
Photo : Didier Rykner

16/1/11 – Heritage – Paris, Hôtel de la Marine – Events are speeding up in the case of the Hôtel de la Marine. A few days ago, Le Figaro revealed that the Minister of Defense, Alain Juppé, would be “embarrassed” to have the government abandon this exceptional historical monument. On 13 January, during a press conference on the Maison de l’Histoire de Fance, the Minister of Culture, pressed to answer some insistent questions from journalists, wittily said : “since we’re talking about the Navy, I could give my personal opinion and say simply that, as those of you who know me well, I’m not really for ‘let’s cast off !’ [1]”. Le Figaro.fr even interpreted this expression as a clear statement of Frédéric Mitterand’s opposition to the project.

In any case, phase 1 of the procedure, that is the period during which applications for a takeover of the Hôtel de la Marine can be submitted, has just been extended from 17 January to 7 February. No doubt considering that ignoring The Art Tribune (see article) might have legal consequences, France Domaines sent us a registered letter on 13 January to inform us of the extension, thus acknowledging our application. Consequently, we hope we will soon be able to visit the building from top to bottom.

Didier Rykner, dimanche 16 janvier 2011


[1] We attended this press conference and print his statement word for word : “puisqu’il s’agît de marine je pourrais simplement dire sur mon avis personnel que, me connaissant comme vous me connaissez, je ne suis pas très ‘larguez les amarres !’ ».

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