Fundraiser for Lucas Cranach’s Three Graces Extended

Lucas Cranach (1472-1553)
The Three Graces, 1531
Oil on panel - 37 x 24.2 cm
Private collection
Photo : Musée du Louvre

15/11/10 – Fundraising Appeal – Paris, Musée du Louvre – We had mentioned (see news item of 21/7/10) the fundraising drive for the purchase of the Lucas Cranach painting, The Three Graces (ill.). This appeal has now been opened up by the Louvre to include private individuals. The museum has created a special internet website for the fundraiser.

Although such fundraising drives are often open to the public in Britain and the United States, they are less frequent in France but nonetheless this is not a unique case as stated in some of the media. The Louvre had also launched an extensive national drive in 1988 for the acquisition of Saint Thomas by Georges de La Tour, and many museums appeal to private citizens for help in purchasing or restoring works, for example recently in Tours, Orléans and Richelieu for the restoration of the paintings in the Galerie des Batailles at the Richelieu château (see news item, in French, of 19/1/10) or at Nogent-sur-Seine in 2008 for the acquisition of Perseus and the Gorgon by Camille Claudel (see news item of 20/7/08).

With 3 million euros already collected, the Louvre needs to raise one more to meet the target of 4 million euros before 31 January 2011 [1]. Anyone can make a donation online, 60% being tax deductible. Published in 1932 as part of the Seligmann collection [2], this painting has been in the same family since that time, according to Vincent Pomarède who explains it on the site.

Didier Rykner, lundi 15 novembre 2010


[1] This is a surprisingly short delay. The work was banned for export on 13 July 2010 so, legally, the Louvre has 30 months, that is until 13 January 2013 to raise the funds.

[2] See our news item of 21/7/10.

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