Fundraising Drives : Hubert Robert for Valence, CMN and Ecole des Chartes

1. Hubert Robert (1733-1808)
Mediterranean Pier, 1771
Oil on canvas - 183 x 225 cm
Lyon, galerie Michel Descours
Photo : Galerie Michel Descours

28/11/12 - Fundraising drive - Valence, Musée des Beaux-Arts ; Centre des Monuments Nationaux ; Paris, Ecole des Chartes - The Musée de Valence recently launched a fundraising drive for the acquisition of a very beautiful painting by Hubert Robert representing a Mediterranean Pier (ill. 1) from the Michel Descours Gallery in Lyon. The work had been presented in a landscape exhibition at this gallery last year.
This large canvas, signed and dated 1771, is both typical of the artist’s work, adept at decorative compositions painted in a free manner with a style which often appears almost sketched, but also different from his usual subjects. This incursion into a seascape recalls of course those of his friend Joseph Vernet.

The Musée des Beaux-Arts in Valence holds an important collection of works by Hubert Robert, including around one hundred drawings. In 2004, it acquired a Waterfall Landscape with Arcadian Shepherds thanks to a pre-emption (see news item in French).
The fundraiser is for both private individuals and business companies. Readers can download the form with full information here.

2. Detail from My Major Company Homepage

We had mentioned elsewhere that public fundraising drives had increased over the last several months. Thus, a few weeks ago, the Centre des Monuments Nationaux launched an appeal for the restoration of four monuments under its management : the Panthéon, the Cité de Carcassonne, the drawbridge at the Mont Saint Michel and the statue of Hippomenes and Atalanta at the Parc de Saint Cloud.
The method used here is rather original since the public establishment has associated itself with My Major Company, an internet website better known for allowing users to invest in music production rather than enabling cultural heritage funding as is the case now (ill. 2). The Pantheon can thus be seen on the website page alongside Florian Giustiniani who is trying to put out his first record. This is a peculiar alliance [1], but the end justifies the means and results seem to already be coming in, which is after all the whole point, especially since the fundraising goal is not very high. The needed amounts are 5,000€ only for the Panthéon and the Mont Saint Michel but so far today these two monuments have already raised, respectively 21,725 and 12,145€ with 154 days still to go before the end of the drive. The Cité de Carcassonne which is expecting to raise at least 20,000€ and the Parc de Saint Cloud 10,000€ are for the moment less successful with contributions of just 4,490 and 4,521€.

3. Pierre Guénois
La grande conférence des ordonnances et édits royaux […]
Paris, G. de Luyne, 1678
Photo : École des Chartes

Finally, the last fundraising drive concerns the Ecole nationale des Chartes which is trying to find 200,000€ to restore one thousand bindings of old books (ill. 3) in its library. A specific website was created to provide more information. Here again, the drive is for both private citizens and businesses and, like in those mentioned above, tax deductions are available for contributors.

Version française

Didier Rykner, dimanche 2 décembre 2012


[1] We find it rather amusing that the photographs of the monuments carry the inscription "Non binding visual image" better suited to a real estate operation than the restoration of a historical monument !

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