La Belle Ferroniere and La Belle Jardiniere expected to arrive shortly in Milan

Raphaël (1483-1520)
Madonna and Child with Saint John the Baptist
called La Belle Jardinière
Oil on panel - 122 x 80 cm
Paris, Musée du Louvre
Photo : Wikimedia Commons

3/01/10– “Exhibitions”–Musee du Louvre –After the Saint John the Baptist which was the only work in a scholarly exhibition at the Palazzo Reale (see editorial of 18/11/09), La Belle Ferroniere [1] [or Portrait of an Unknown Woman] by Leonardo again and La Belle Jardiniere [or Madonna and Child with Saint John the Baptist] by Raphael (ill.) will be traveling to Milan in 2010, definitely the place to be for a Louvre masterpiece. The presentation, respectively, of each of these paintings is part of an agreement between the Louvre and the Pinacoteca di Brera to be signed in January. Obviously, as the Corriere della Sera (where we found our information) writes, these will be scholarly exhibitions. Who would dream of saying otherwise ?

Moreover, as stated by Mario Resca : “the lines at the Palazzo Reale prove that one work can draw even more crowds than bigger exhibitions.” The new director of Italian museums also adds, according to the newspaper, that the Louvre is “a museum which is very attune to developing international marketing, is very competent in its communications.” This is the voice of an expert speaking, until recently the head of McDonald’s Italy (see news item of 18/11/08).


Vincent Pomarede, director of the Departement des peintures at the Louvre, explained to us that the special-study exhibitions presented in conjunction with the Brera are organized to accompany and reassure the museum in its renovation projects. He also told us that although sending La Belle Jardiniere to the Brera was in fact mentioned in this context, it will not go there in 2010. La Belle Ferroniere will however be exhibited in 2010 although the contents and dates of the exhibition have not yet been chosen

Didier Rykner, dimanche 3 janvier 2010


[1] We remerber that the painting did’nt go to Verona (see news item of du 23/5/08)

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