The Art Tribune is born

La Tribune de l’Art is a French website born in April 2003 and devoted to art history from the Middle Ages to the 1930’s. It is the only art journal to publish both news and scholarly articles. Over the last four years, in France and abroad, it has quickly become a reference for those interested in art history, either professionally or for their enjoyment . Today we are launching The Art Tribune which will not only be a simple translation into English of La Tribune de l’Art but will also have its own articles. Just as in the French version, The Art Tribune will speak frankly, with no lip service, on issues concerning art, museums, historical monuments, wherever the events occur. We wish to open our columns to anyone, curators, academics, independent art historians whose job or interest is related to art. We intend to participate in debates as we did in France for example when we campaigned (with only limited success) against the leasing of works by the Louvre to Abu Dhabi or the abusive restorations in the Château de Versailles. We believe that museums must not be used for diplomatic, political or financial reasons to reach objectives that would jeopardize a museum’s integrity and we will fight against any such eventuality. Thus, we vigorously oppose deaccessioning, a practice common to some American and now certain European museums. We will review exhibitions that we have seen, even the smallest shows in the smallest museums which very often are at least as interesting as the so-called “blockbuster” exhibits. We will also talk in detail about recent publications in art history, if we have had the opportunity to read them, or in a “books received” section [1]. We hope this site will be as useful to its readers as La Tribune de l’Art has become. Do not hesitate to write in to tell us how you would like The Art Tribune to be improved.

Didier Rykner, samedi 15 septembre 2007


[1] editors can send the books or catalogues to : The Art Tribune/La Tribune de l’Art, 60 bd de Charonne, 75020 Paris, France

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