Mexico City honors Erik Larsen, historian of Flemish art

3/10/07 — Inauguration — Mexico — Born in Austria, Emeritus Professor at Lawrence University in Kansas, the art historian Erik Larsen (1911-2006) was a renowned specialist of Flemish art and of the Dutch Golden Age, author of numerous monographs on the Old Masters such as Rubens, Van Dyck [1], Rembrandt (study on landscapes in 1983), Vermeer (use of the telescope with two lenses and of Cornelis Drebbel’s “camera oscura”) and Frans Post.

Ten years ago, at the time of a Rubens exhibition, Erik Larsen had donated on condition of lifetime use his library of almost 3000 volumes devoted to European painting, his manuscripts as well as his personal photograph collection to the Museo de San Carlos in Mexico City. After the gift became effective a few months ago, the museum opened a library in his name in March and inaugurated it on September 27 with a lecture on the research for his book Calvinistic Economy and 17th Century Dutch Art, published in 1999. Other events will follow.

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Didier Rykner, mercredi 3 octobre 2007


[1] L’opera completa di Van Dyck, 1613-1626, Rizzoli, 1980, or the catalogue raisonné, Luca Verlag ed. in 1988.

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