Musée des Beaux-Arts in Brest : A New Director and an Ozanne Drawing

Pierre Ozanne (1737-1813)
Supplying Water to the Boats in the Harbor at Brest
Black Chalk, Brown Wash
and White Chalk Heightenings - 29.4 x 46.4 cm
Brest, Musée des Beaux-Arts

15/9/12 - Appointment, acquisition - Brest, Musée des Beaux-Arts - The new director of the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Brest, Pascal Aumasson, arrived last 1st June, replacing Françoise Daniel who has now retired.
After spending some years teaching, this historian participated in the creation of the new Musée d’Art et d’Histoire des Côtes d’Armor in Saint-Brieuc which opened to the public in 1983. He then acted as an advisor for the DRAC museums between 1992 and 2002 before being appointed curator of the Port-musée in Douarnenez which he reestablished after its liquidation in 1995. Finally, in 2008 he took over the Musée de Bretagne, in Rennes, where he will soon be replaced by the young Céline Chanas, 38, previously in charge of the Musée départemental de la Bresse-Domaine des Planons at the Conservation départementale des Musées de l’Ain.

Pascal Aumasson has been very active since he began as he has already purchased a drawing by Pierre Ozanne, Supplying Water to the Boats in the Harbor at Brest (ill.), at the Adjug’art auction on 19 June in Brest. A student of his older brother, the naval draughtsman Nicolas Ozanne, Pierre succeded him as drawing master of the Gardes du Pavillon et de la Marine in 1757. In 1771, he sailed as a draughtsman for the Flore, a frigate with Verdun de la Crenne as commanding officer, on a scientific mission "in various parts of Europe, Africa and America, to verify the utility of several Methods and Instruments, which serve to determine Latitude and Longitude (...) followed by Research to correct sea charts.". Later, he boarded the Languedoc as a deputy construction engineer during the American Revolution, producing a series of drawings of sea battles. He obtained the degree of construction engineer in 1780 and returned to Brest in 1789 where he directed the construction of the Vengeur. There is notably a known engraving after one of his drawings representing The People’s Vengeur at the Battle of Prairial. He also produced a collection of engravings in 1798 illustrating prow ornaments. Finally, he was named first class engineer in 1800 and attended Napoleon’s crowning on 2 December 1804.

A certain number of drawings by the Ozanne brothers, including this one, were sold in Brest on 25 May 2010. All from the same collection, they reflect the variety of techniques employed - ink, lead pencil heightened with white, wash in brown and grey ink - and the subjects represented by this talented draughtsman, from A Hunting scene in the Forest to Young Senegalese Woman from Gorée as well as Two Peasants, near Brest. However, he of course preferred the maritime world as illustrated by English and French Vessels in the Mouth of the Delaware River on the American Coast 1778 and Fishermen in the Harbor at Brest.

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Bénédicte Bonnet Saint-Georges, mardi 18 septembre 2012

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