"Orphée et Eurydice" by Nicolas de Bar Acquired by the Musée Barrois

François Nicolas, known as Nicolas de Bar (c. 1632-1695)
Orphée et Eurydice, 1654
Oil on canvas - 62.5 x 82.5 cm
Bar-le-Duc, Musée Barrois
Photo : F. Baulme Fine Arts

24/2/14 - Acquisition - Bar-le-Duc, Musée Barrois - Last July, Bar-le-Duc launched a fundraiser for the acquisition of a painting by Nicolas de Bar, signed and dated 1654, representing Orpheus and Eurydice to be purchased from the F. Baulme Fine Art gallery in Paris. We refer our readers to the news item we had published on the subject to find out more about the canvas.
This appeal to the public raised over 12,500€ thanks to 111 donors who contributed on average 115€. The balance (more than 80% of the remaining 66,500€ needed) was provided by various territorial agencies (Communauté d’Agglomération de Bar-le-Duc Sud Meuse, Conseil Général de la Meuse, Région Lorraine) and the French State.

Although fundraisers at times only account for a modest part of the required amount, they nevertheless serve to confirm to elected officials citizens’ interest in their museums. This is all the more significant in the case of small establishments which generally have very low acquisition budgets. Mobilizing interest by way of fundraisers also results in holding cities accountable, thus making them morally responsible for helping to enrich local museums when they would otherwise have refused to do so spontaneously. This is the most important acquisition made by the Musée Barrois in a very long time and all the more necessary as it concerns a rare work painted by a native artist. The museum’s last purchase (at least from a period covered by The Art Tribune) was made in 2012 : a study by Joseph Guichard for about 3,700€ (with charges).

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Didier Rykner, lundi 24 février 2014

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