Philippe Bélaval Leaving the Direction des Patrimoines for the Centre des Monuments Nationaux

14/6/12 - Appointment - Centre des Monuments Nationaux - Philippe Bélaval, the Directeur général des patrimoines at the French Ministry of Culture, handed in his resignation and, according to our sources, will become the president of the Centre des Monuments Nationaux as of next 1st July, succeeding Isabelle Lemesle. There is no information as to who will be the new Directeur des Patrimoines.

Philippe Bélaval, whom we had invited to our first webcast of Patrimoines en question(s), had been appointed by Frédéric Mitterand when the Ministry was reorganized in January 2010. He will therefore have occupied the new position of Directeur Général des Patrimoines overseeing museums, heritage, architecture and archives for only two and a half years.
His effectiveness there depended obviously on the Minister (see article in French). It is unfortunate that his knowledge and sincere interest in museum and heritage questions were not put to further use in bringing about changes.
His new mission at the Centre des Monuments Nationaux will not be necessarily easy after Isabelle Lemesle’s particularly stormy leadership, as we mentioned recently. Philippe Bélaval will have to be skillful in calming the conflicts in this department while respecting the history and patrimonial importance of the one hundred or so monuments managed by the CMN.

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Didier Rykner, vendredi 15 juin 2012

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