Publication of an Issue of In Situ Devoted to Mural Painting

6/2/14 - Internet - Art history journal - We sometimes mention it here : many scholarly journals are available free of charge on the web, some of which appear only in fact on internet, created exclusively for this support. Unfortunately, since articles are published according to issues, updates are rare and readers may even forget their existence, thus overlooking subjects which might interest them.

Among these journals, we have already pointed out the importance of In Situ several times, a journal of the Inventaire Général created in 2001, and which has become the "revue des Patrimoines" since the IG disappeared (due to decentralization). The latest issue, published end of 2013, is particularly interesting for the readers of The Art Tribune as it discusses the question of mural painting in France, bringing together the papers of the two Study Days organized by the Musée des Monuments français on 25 and 26 October 2011 and articles written specifically for this issue.

1. France, late 15th century (?)
Scenes from the life of Saint Blaise
Saint-Antoine-Pont-d’Arratz, church
Photo : Pascal Moulin

We are therefore referring our readers to this publication which focuses on certain themes, including mural paintings of the Romanesque period, the collection of copies of mural paintings at the Musée des Monuments français, mural paintings in the 19th century and in the 1930’s ; finally, the inventories of mural paintings in France. Three articles stand out, two of which concern, in some cases, recent discoveries of painted frescoes : first of all, Medieval ones (the article by Jacques Lapart) with the finding at the church of Saint-Antoine-Pont-d’Arratz of paintings dating no doubt from the 14th century (poorly preserved, representing notably The Battle of Saint Georges with the Dragon) and the late 15th (illustrations of the life of Saint Blaise -ill. 1).

2. Victor Mottez (1809-1897)
Apollo and the Muses, c. 1865
Fresco - 220 x 134 cm (scene), borders 36 cm wide
Lille, a house located rue Vantroyen
Photo : O. Liardet/CRMH Nord-Pas-de-Calais

3. 2. Victor Mottez (1809-1897)
Border of Apollo and the Muses, c. 1865
Fresco - 36 cm wide
Lille, a house located rue Vantroyen
Photo : O. Liardet/CRMH Nord-Pas-de-Calais

Another is from the 19th century, with the rediscovery inside a house in Lille of frescoes painted by Victor Mottez (an article by Catherine Guillot), a student of Ingres whom we know was one of the rare painters to practice the technique of true frescoes at that time, many of which have disappeared (notably those under the porch of the church of Saint Germain Auxerrois). The Louvre holds the Portrait of the Artist’s Wife, a detached fresco. Although it shows gaps, this décor includes notably a large composition representing Apollo and the Muses (ill. 2), surrounded by a beautiful border (ill. 3).

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Didier Rykner, jeudi 6 février 2014

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