Publication of the Proceedings from the Colloquium on Frère Luc

17/7/12 - Publication - Centre d’étude du pays Sézannais - Purely by accident or sometimes by choice, some artists (even second tier) frequently reappear in The Art Tribune headlines. This is the case for Claude François, known as Frère Luc, a 17th century French painter who has been featured in several articles, many of whose works have been rediscovered, and who we will soon talk about again.

We had pointed out here the colloquium held in Sézanne in November 2010 where a Christ, Dead by the artist had been presented for the first time. The proceedings from this colloquium have just been published, in a special issue of the local journal Du pays sézannais. A brave publication, working with limited means, which offers several unpublished paintings by the artist even though some of the essays deal with the history of the Recollects order as much as Frère Luc himself.
We would also like to mention, besides a rare drawing from a private collection pointed out by Pierre Rosenberg who writes a short entry, the recent attribution of two paintings, The Mass of Saint Martial [1] in the cathedral of Saint Etienne in Limoges[A reader has correctly pointed out that this painting presented as a recent attribution in this work was in fact published already in 1992 : Sylvain Kerspern and Monique Billat, Résurrection d’une oeuvre. Un tableau du XVIIe siècle, catalogue of an exhibition at Dammarie-lès-Lys in 1992.], and Baby Jesus Adored by the Angels in the church of Saint Sauveur in La Rochelle.

Claude François, known as Frère Luc (1614-1685)
Saint John the Baptist in the Desert
Oil on Canvas - 175 x 137 cm
Châtillon-Coligny, église
Photo : Ministère de la Culture/
Base Palissy

In addition, Guillaume Kazerouni has published several paintings in Parisian churches, including the one still in the former chapel of the Laënnec Hospital, under serious threat of privatization, as well as a Last Communion of Saint Francis currently held in the art works deposit of the City of Paris in Ivry. Finally, he also identifies a painting from the church of Châtillon-Coligny, Saint John the Baptist in the Desert as a new, unpublished work by Frère Luc, but it is not reproduced. We thus provide here the photograph from the Palissy database.

Collective work, Frère Luc. Un peintre, un religieux, un voyageur, "Du Pays Sézannais", n°13, June 2010, 86 p., 18€. ISBN : 9771298070006

[Internet website for Centre d’Etude du Pays Sézannais>].

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Didier Rykner, jeudi 19 juillet 2012


[1] Contrary to the information provided by the Palissy database, this painting has not been published and also not illustrated in the article by Marie-Thérèse Laureilhe of the BSHAF in 1982.

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