Serres d’Auteuil 1 - Delanoë 0

Serres d’Auteuil
Photo : Didier Rykner

1/3/13 - Heritage - Serres d’Auteuil - The associations for protection of heritage (notably the Société pour la Protection des Paysages et de l’Esthétique de la France) have just won an important victory before the Tribunal administratif in Paris and inflicted a serious blow to Bertrand Delanoë, the mayor of Paris and the pretender to his succession, Anne Hidalgo, who had personally invested themselves in this ill-fated conflict.

The convention signed between the Fédération Française de Tennis and the city of Paris has indeed been annulled. The government representative found no less than four reasons resulting clearly in this decision. Only two were in fact taken into consideration : the first is the poor information provided by the Paris advisors (notably concerning the protection of a historical monument, the second is the insufficient licence fee payed by the FFT [A correction was made at 6:06 pm as we had made a mistake describing the second reason for the annulment]. Saying that the project is full of holes would be something of an understatement. It might even lead to the implosion of the Fédération Française de Tennis where some members had already become aware that the operation was bound to fail.

Indeed the situation is now a tense one for French tennis. It seems likely - and we certainly hope so - that this legal decision will sound the final call for any extension plans at Roland Garros in the Serres d’Auteil. Bertrand Delanoë has perhaps earned the dubious title of dooming any chance for the Grand Paris of keeping its Grand Slam tournament.

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Didier Rykner, jeudi 7 mars 2013


[6:19 pm] As it had previously announced, the city of Paris is appealing the court decision (the appeal does not have a suspending effect) and is going to request a stay of execution. Bertrand Delanoë, once again, continues to pursue his plans to alter the nature of this site while claiming to respect it. In any case, this legal decision marks an important step in the process of achieving a definitive cancellation of this destructive project for Parisian heritage.

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