Several exhibitions in Parisian galleries

1. Pierino da Vinci (1529/1530-1553)
Portrait of a Bearded Man in Profile
Marble - 51 x 35 x 10 cm
Paris, Galerie Ladrière
Photo : Galerie Ladrière

27/9/10 – Art market – Paris – The Biennale des antiquaires is now accompanied by an increasing number of exhibitions off at Parisian antique dealers’, and which are often highly interesting.
We already mentioned here the exhibitions at the J. Kugel Gallery (see news item of 24/9/10) and theCanesso Gallery (see article). Four more galleries present remarkable works which might interest art historians.

We will start with the Ratton-Ladrière Gallery which presents old sculptures of the finest quality. The time span covered here is vast, going from the early 12th century with a Head of Christ in sculpted wood, probably a fragment from a Christ on the Cross, until a terracotta replica by Joseph Chinard from the group of Perseus Delivering Andromeda held at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Lyon.
Among the works on display, there are notably two important marbles by Pierino da Vinci, a nephew of Leonardo. The first represents a Portrait of a Bearded Man in Profile (ill. 1), recently ascribed to Baccio Bandinelli, Pierino’s master. The new attribution (we point out that the catalogue qualifies it as a theory), based on stylistic elements, is due to Claudio Pizzoruso who signed the entry. The second is a group of two putti holding a fish, of which there is a terracotta version with some variations at the Victoria & Albert Museum.
We would also like to point out a large terracotta tondo by Alessandro Algardi (ill. 2) which can be associated with a bronze medallion at the main altar of the church of San Paolo Maggiore in Bologna.

2. Alessandro Algardi (1598-1654)
The Beheading of Saint Paul
Terracotta - D. 49 cm
Paris, Galerie Ladrière
Photo : Didier Rykner

3. Gianlorenzo Bernini (1598-1680)
Marble Cartridge Bearing the Arms of Cardinal de Richelieu
Marble - 90 x 55 cm
Galerie Tomasso Brothers
Photo : Galerie Tomasso Brothers

4. Louis-Léopold Boilly (1761-1845)
Portrait of the Actor Elleviou Playing “The Prisoner” , 1798
Oil on panel - 54 x 45.5 cm
Paris, Galerie Charly Bailly
Photo : Galerie Bailly

Not far from the Ratton-Ladrière Gallery, the Bailly Gallery is showing antique marbles, sculptures and paintings belonging respectively to the Chenel, Tomasso Brothers and Charles Bailly galleries, in a large and remarkably well laid-out space. We will omit the Antiquity pieces as they do not correspond to our artistic time line and focus on some very beautiful bronzes, including a Hercules Killing the Nemean lion by Barthélemy Prieur, an Equestrian Portrait of Louis XIV attributed to Etienne Le Hongre, and a large Marble cartridge bearing the arms of Cardinal de Richelieu (ill. 3) which the catalogue attributes to Gianlorenzo Bernini and his workshop. This is an unpublished work and we will refrain from making any pronouncement concerning this prestigious attribution, but the object is particularly attractive and important historically.
Among the paintings, rather than the Le Nain or the charming Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo (a Virgin with Child), we would like to mention the beautiful Louis-Léopold Boilly, Portrait of the Actor Elleviou Playing “The Prisoner” (ill. 4), or even a painting not in the catalogue, by the very rare Jacques-Albert Gérin, an artist from Valenciennes and Watteau’s first master, representing one of the Magi, Balthazar (ill. 5).

5. Jacques-Albert Gérin (active in Valenciennes
during the XVIIth century, dead in 1702)
The Magi, Balthazar
Oil on canvas - 88.7 x 69 cm
Paris, Galerie Charly Bailly
Photo : Galerie Bailly

6. François-Marius Granet (1775-1849)
Self-portrait with Palette
Oil on canvas - 114 x 88 cm
Paris, Galeries Alexis Bordes
Photo : Galerie Alexis Bordes

We conclude this article by stopping on the Rive Droite at the Alexis Bordes Gallery which presents several neo-Classical works, notably a Self-portrait with Palette by François-Marius Granet (ill. 6) and, above all, a magnificient Bearded Man with a Bearskin Cap by Anne-Louis Girodet de Roucy-Trioson.
The Mendès Gallery is highlighting several old master and 19th century paintings, including a copy, by David Teniers (whom we will soon mention in a news item) of Melancholy by Domenico Fetti at the Louvre, a fine study of a monkey by Jan Weenix which the painter would use in several of his canvases, as well as an imposing Self-portrait as a Captive by Guérin, and not Pierre-Narcisse but Christophe, a Strasbourg painter, and student of Jean-Baptiste Regnault.

Galerie Ladrière, 11 Quai Voltaire, 75007 Paris. Tel : 01 42 61 29 79. Exhibition from 13 September to 26 October 2010. Catalogue.

Galerie Bailly, 25 Quai Voltaire, 75007 Paris. Tel : 01 42 60 36 47. Exhibition from 14 September to 30 October 2010. There are three accompanying catalogues (one per gallery).

Galerie Alexis Bordes, 19 rue Drouot, 75009 Paris. Tel : 01 47 70 43 30. Exhibition from 16 September to 1st October 2010.

Galerie Mendès, 36 rue de Penthièvre, 75008 Paris. Tel : 01 42 89 16 71. Exhibition from 16 September to 30 October 2010. Catalogue.

Didier Rykner, lundi 27 septembre 2010

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