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6/10/12 - Internet websites - A presentation of both recent and old offerings, this news item lists some particularly interesting websites which we had not yet included in our links page.

- Moderne : Stéphane Guégan often wrote for The Art Tribune and our readers are therefore already familiar with his sound erudition and the quality of his style. This blog, which opened exactly a year ago, is devoted to art history but also literature. In long critical articles, the author discusses books he has enjoyed and exhibitions he has seen. Focusing essentially on the 19th and 20th centuries (hence the title), he nevertheless allows himself a few incursions into previous periods.
The site is housed by Le Monde and we find it very positive that this daily has finally decided to offer an excellent blog devoted to art.

- Arago, le portail de la photographie : this database, created by the RMN/Grand Palais, provides acces to photographic collections held in France, both public and private (for example, those belonging to associations or foundations). While many museums already have databases of their holdings and certain collections are also available on the RMN database, Arago provides broader search possibilities by means of author, theme, technique or collection. A very complete research engine rounds out the site.

- Tapices flamencos en España (Flemish tapestries in Spain) : this site, with a version in Spanish and another in English, lists Flemish tapestries held in Spain. For the moment, only Castilian collections are included and the database is not exhaustive. However, this allows us already to discover important works photographed in high resolution.
The site was created by a private foundation : La Fundación Carlos de Amberes, along with the collaboration of several public institutions such as the Patrimonio Nacional.

- De Vlaamse Primitieven (Flemish Primitives) : this site (in Dutch and English) highlights Flemish Primitive paintings. Created by three major Flemish museums (Bruges, Antwerp and Ghent), it also lists works belonging to other establishments (the cathedrals in Ghent and Bruges, the Hôpital Saint Jean in Bruges, the Musée M in Louvain, the Musée Meyer van den Bergh in Antwerp, ...). It also provides biographies of important artists, information on current knowledge of Flemish Primitives, links, an agenda...
This site is associated with another one which lists the ensemble of the Flemish art collections of the three museums mentioned above.
Two sites, based on the same model, are also associated with the preceding one. The first is devoted to George Minne, the other to James Ensor.

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Didier Rykner, mardi 9 octobre 2012

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