TEFAF : a Work by Matthijs Maris for The Hague

Matthijs Maris (1839-1917)
A View of Lausanne, 1860’s
Wood - 29 x 57 cm
The Hague, Gemeentemuseum
Photo : Douwes Fine Art

18/3/14 - Acquisition - The Hague, Gemeente Museum - Museums are continuing their purchases at TEFAF. The Gemeente Museum acquired a work by Matthijs Maris (1839-1917), a member of The Hague School along with his brothers Jacob and Willem, from the Douwes Fine Art gallery of Amsterdam. Maris was influenced by his brief stay in Lausanne when he traveled to Switzerland with one of them in 1860. The artist gives us a rather unreal image of the city, with the outlines of the château and the cathedral depicted in a luminous and cold haze. The viewpoint is close to the one used in another drawing glimpsed in 2009 at the exhibition "Matthijs Maris (1839-1917), peintre de poèmes", presenting the works on paper from the Burrell Collection in Glasgow. The Rijksmuseum holds a drawing of the roofs of Lausanne as well. Maris also painted baptism scenes in the cathedral, one of which can be found in fact at the Gemeente Museum.
He used these images of Lausanne in later works, and also painted his famous Souvenirs of Amsterdam in Paris. Maris visited France in 1869, staying several years there and even enlisted in the Garde nationale during the siege of the city in 1870-1871. He returned to The Hague before joining the art dealer Daniel Cottier in London in 1877 where he died in 1917.

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