The Amis du Louvre Will Pay to See the Works in Lens

29/11/12 - Admission policy - Louvre-Lens - Henri Loyrette likes to say that the works exhibited at the Louvre-Lens have not left the Louvre since the Louvre-Lens is the Louvre ! In an interview with Le Figaro published on 16 April 2012, he explained that "[the works] are not leaving the national institution known as the Louvre ! From now on, the Louvre is as much in Lens as it is in Paris." A specious argument put forward in an attempt at denying the very obvious fact that the two buildings are separated by about 200 km., thus resulting in the constant and dangerous transfer of objects which also deprives the Louvre and its visitors of certain essential works.

However, the assertion that the Louvre-Lens is the Louvre will not really be true for the members of the Société des Amis du Louvre for whom membership normally confers free admission to both the permanent collections as well as the exhibitions. In fact, although the Galerie du Temps in Lens will indeed be free for them, the exhibitions will only be accessible gratuitously the first two weeks ! Therefore, those wishing to see the objects shipped to Lens for the Renaissance exhibition, though made up solely of objects from the Louvre, will only be admitted free of charge until 27 December ! After that, and until 11 March 2013, they will have to pay 9 euros ! The Amis du Louvre will thus be penalized twice : not only will they not be able to see them in Paris, they will have to pay when going to Lens !

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Didier Rykner, dimanche 2 décembre 2012

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