The Buren columns are being restored while the Victor Louis colonnade is collapsing…

1. Victor-Louis (1731-1800)
Galleries at the Palais-Royal, state January 2009
Behind the fence, the restoration of the Buren columns
Photo : D. Rykner

14/2/09 – Heritage – Paris, Palais-Royal – Whether or not one appreciates the Buren columns, the sight at the Palais-Royal is absolutely surrealistic. This installation, created only about twenty years ago, is being currently restored at a high price (no less than 3.2 million euros). In the meanwhile, the Palais-Royal colonnade, by the architect Victor-Louis, is slowly collapsing as witnessed by the stays distributed throughout as a support (ill. 1 to 3). When we asked the Ministry of Culture (which occupies a section of the palace) if they were planning to restore this monument soon, they answered by saying that they had passed our question on to the Centre des Monuments Nationaux which “administers” this site. That was last 6 January and we are still awaiting an answer…

3. Victor-Louis (1731-1800)
Galleries at the Palais-Royal, state January 2009
The offices of the Ministry of Culture look out directly
On the terrace over the colonnade
Photo : D. Rykner

The photographs here speak for themselves and show where the true priorities lie ! We can only hope at least that the millions which were recently promised for national heritage and which, according to our sources, are indeed being sent to the different regions, will eventually enable the restoration of this site.

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Didier Rykner, samedi 14 février 2009

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