The French Government Claims the Nicolas Tournier Painting and Is Now Holding it at the Ministry of Culture

9/11/11 - Museum - Toulouse, Musée des Augustins - The painting [1], Christ Carrying the Cross (ill.), now claimed by the French government from the London art dealer, Mark Weiss (see the preceding news item), is currently being held on the premises of the Service des musées de France.

Nicolas Tournier (1590-1639)
Christ Carrying the Cross,
between 1628 et 1638
oil on canvas - 220 x 121 cm
Claimed by French government

Talks are underway with the gallery, whose good intentions have in no way been questioned by the French Ministry, in order to come to an agreement amenable to both parties so that the painting could be returned to the Musée des Augustins after having disappeared almost 200 years ago in unexplained circumstances.

Version française

Didier Rykner, mercredi 9 novembre 2011


[1] We would like to mention a very important bit of information we had not pointed out before, which is that this canvas is in fact a large fragment of the original painting, which was cut extensively on all four sides.

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