The Hôtel Aghion by the Perret Brothers in Alexandria Destroyed

5/2/14 - Heritage - Alexandria, Egypt - What we feared since this building by Gustave and Auguste Perret from 1926-1927 had been gutted by bulldozers, alas, did indeed come about : the Hôtel Aghion is today just a pile of ruins, as illustrated by the photographs (ill. 1 and 2) sent by Cléa Daridan who had written two articles for us previously concerning the landmark.

1. The Hôtel Aghion being destroyed
5 February 2014
Photo : Save Alex

2. Destruction of the Hôtel Aghion
5 February 2014
Photo : Save Alex

The action of heritage supporters failed to stop the destruction in a country where vandalism now also targets archeological sites and museums. According to our correspondent, the Villa was withdrawn from the list of historical monuments in obscure circumstances two weeks ago and the demolition permit immediately granted. The current political climate in many Arab countries is a very real threat for cultural heritage. We generally do not touch upon it at The Art Tribune as archeology and Islamic art fall outside our domain but in this case, we are speaking of a masterpiece by Auguste Perret (highlighted today at an exhibition at the Conseil Economique et Social) and his brother which has disappeared with no due process.

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Didier Rykner, mercredi 5 février 2014

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