The Louvre Bookshop : the RmnGP Reassures Publishers

12/3/13 - Musée du Louvre - Bookshop - The RmnGP wished to react to our article which followed up on a statement signed by several publishers, appearing in Livre-Hebdo, criticizing its plans to move the Louvre bookshop to the mezzanine level and bring the souvenir and gift objects downstairs to the ground floor.

The public establishment denies trying to downgrade the bookshop. It assured us that it is committed to keeping the same amount of space by taking some from the prints section and by leaving some tables downstairs for works published in partnership with the Musée du Louvre as well as catalogues for current exhibitions. The spokesperson, Dominique Becker, commercial and marketing director of the RmnGP also told us that the number of tables would remain the same as today and the one for reference books would not change. For the RmnGP, this is not a business issue but a matter of practicality, responding to the needs of visitors who want to find the products related to the Louvre immediately upon entering. According to Ms. Becker, the move would thus correspond to the wishes of customers to the bookshop who prefer a quieter space where service to readers would be more available.

These arguments do not seem to really convince the publishers. One of the persons behind the statement, Marc Plocki, told us that he doubted that the area and the number of tables would be the same as now. Above all, he is worried that the move to the upper level will automatically lower the store’s book sales. He also regrets that the project was planned and undertaken without in any way communicating with the publishers involved. The signed statement in Livre-Hebdo has been maintained and the number of signatures will no doubt continue to grow ; it is also, according to Mr. Plocki, an appeal for more transparency overall.

We would like to point out, in temporarily concluding this article, that several handicapped readers have expressed their worries concerning the lack of an elevator. On this point, they can rest assured : there is already one there although it is currently invisible to the public. The project includes plans to make it fully accessible.

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Didier Rykner, mardi 19 mars 2013

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