The Louvre supports the Salon de la peinture ancienne

19/12/10 – Art market – Paris-Painting – Last 16 December 2010, the Bourse welcomed a gathering of France’s art history elite : curators, dealers, collectors, specialized reporters… They all came for the official announcement of the new Salon, Paris-Tableau and the accompanying Semaine de la peinture (see interview). Each dealer presented a painting for the occasion, representing his tastes and his work.

But clearly the biggest, and most favorable, sensation was caused by the attendance of almost all of the curators as well as the director, Vincent Pomarede, of the Departement des peintures of the Louvre at the lunch. When called upon to speak, Mr. Pomarade made a brief but excellent contribution stating the importance of creating such an event, which he said would be fully supported by the painting department of the museum and that it would benefit everyone, including of course museums themselves. Although the trend has moved increasingly in this direction with curators behaving more favorably towards the art market and increasing their participation at the Semaine du Dessin each year, this is a clear and radically new affirmation that the two worlds are not exclusive but, rather, share many common interests. This confirms the opinions expressed in our last editorial and is cause for much rejoicing. We have no doubt that the high expectations arising from the official announcement speak positively for the future of this new trade fair which will constitute a major step for Paris in its attempt to occupy a leading rank in the market for old masters.

Didier Rykner, dimanche 19 décembre 2010

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