The Musée Picasso without 350 masterpieces nine months before closing for repairs

20/06/2007 — Globalization — Paris, Musée Picasso — It is understandable that a museum organize exhibits of its masterpieces while undergoing renovation work. But to launch their “world tour” nine months before a temporary closing is certainly a novelty, although not a surprise, given the times. Visitors to the Musée Picasso, from January until October 2008 (thus before starting renovation) will be deprived of “350 masterpieces” (the museum owns 500 paintings and sculptures by the artist) that will travel to Spain, Japan and probably China during the Olympic Games. From end of 2008 until end of 2010, scheduled date for the reopening, the exhibit will move on to the United States, Brazil, Russia and, of course, Abou Dhabi. Not surprising, when keeping in mind that Anne Baldassari, the director of the museum, is one of the few curators in favor of the project for the Louvre annex in the Emirates. This Picasso tour will most likely be quite profitable. When one owns such reserves, it would be a shame not to capitalize on it….

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Didier Rykner, mercredi 20 juin 2007

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