The Nationalmuseum in Stockholm Adds Three Northern European Paintings

1. Gijsbrecht Leytens (1586–vers 1642/56)
Wooded Mountain Landcape with
Waterfall and Travelers
, 1st half of 17th c.
Oil on Panel - 68 x 101 cm
Stockholm, Nationalmuseum
Photo : Nationalmuseum

9/1/13 - Acquisitions - Stockholm, Nationalmuseum - The Nationalmuseum has just announced the acquisition of three paintings from the prestigious collection of Count Gustaf Adolf Sparre, an enthusiast of 17th century Flemish and Dutch cabinet paintings. All three works came up for auction on 5 December 2012 in the Swedish capital. The first is by the Antwerp artist Gijsbrecht Leytens, known mainly for his winter landscapes, and depicts a wooded mountain scene enlivened by a waterfall, peopled by travelers dressed in exotic clothes such as a large Egyptian round hat and colorful costumes (ill. 1). The painting sold for 490,000 Swedish crowns (or 56,950€).

Gustaf Adolf Sparre was also fond primarily of genre scenes, such as this Peasant Lighting his Pipe in a Tavern (ill. 2), painted by another Antwerp native, David Teniers the Younger, the most abundant artist in the collection. Estimated at 250,000 to 300,000 crowns, it sold for 1,531,250 crowns (177,850€) (including charges). The painter never tired of illustrating this figure in the foreground, sitting in a tavern, often wearing a red cap and blue jacket or the other way around, found in several examples at the Louvre for instance.
The third painting (ill. 3), by Jacob Toorenvliet represents the bust of a man, holding a jug, in a composition somewhere between a portrait, a genre scene or an allegory. Executed in the precise and very fine manner of Dou, Toorenvliet’s master, it sold for 147,000 Swedish crowns (17,100€).

2. David Teniers le Jeune (1610-1690)
Tavern with Peasant Lighting his Pipe, 1640’s
Oil on Panel - 23.5 x 19 cm
Stockholm, Nationalmuseum
Photo : Nationalmuseum

3. Jacob Toorenvliet (1640–1719)
Man Holding a Jug, c.1679
Oil on Copper - 16.5 x 13 cm
Stockholm, Nationalmuseum
Photo : Nationalmuseum

These three works are encased in gilt frames of Gustavian style commissioned by Sparre himself, so that the paintings in his collection would fit in harmoniously with the interiors of Sahlgren Palace in Gothenburg where they were on view. They were perhaps produced by the sculptor G. J. Fast who created frames for the mirrors as well as the wood panelling for the château. The newly acquired works join a painting by Jan Lievens already at the Nationalmuseum since last September 2012, which also comes from the collection of Gustaf Adolf Sparre.

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