The Richaud Hospital will finally be saved, it seems

View of the chapel of the Richaud Hospital
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30/9/09 – Heritage – Versailles, Hôpital Richaud – Thanks to the active intervention of Versailles city hall which took over the project, the Hôpital Richaud, which had been left in a state of abandonment by the government for the last several years (see article) will, it appears, be saved at last.
A new estimate has brought down the excessive price requested by the Ministry of Justice. City hall will thus purchase the group of buildings, then sell off the real estate sections to an investor (already in place) who will transform these into residences and stores. The city will retain ownership of the gardens and the chapel which will probably become an exhibition center.
We should, however, point out that this rescue plan was made possible after modifying urbanization plans in order to allow construction not previously authorized. As there are still no specific details, we can only hope that the project will be carefully supervised so as not to change the nature of a monument which is supposed to be rehabilitated.

Look at the blog Save Richaud.

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Didier Rykner, mercredi 30 septembre 2009

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