The Tribunal Administratif suspends the contested restoration of the Hôtel Lambert

Hôtel Lambert, Paris
Photo : D. Rykner

15/9/09 – Heritage – Paris, Hôtel Lambert – As expected after the latest audience held on 8 September 2009 (see article, in French), the judge of the Tribunal Administratif ordered the suspension of the decision issued by the Minister of Culture and Communications dated 11 June 2009 authorizing the works at the Hôtel Lambert. During this audience, certain points contested by the association Paris-Historique remained extremely vague, notably refurbishment of the exterior, on the façade, courtyard and garden and everything related to the Nicolas Lambert cabinet room.

The following is an excerpt of the sentence which presents the main reasons for the suspension : “…Considering the deficiencies and their extent as relates to the appreciation of the exact nature and degree of the planned works in several significant parts of the monument, which prevent establishing an overall vision of the consequences of the architectural choice and the planned underground sections, the legal provisions, ensuing, on the one hand from the incomplete and insufficient character of the application file as relates to the stipulations of article 20 of the decree of 30 March 2007 and of the order of 29 November 2007, on the other hand, the consequences that the latter may have had on the legality of the authorization of the mayor of Paris in his capacity to rule on urban matters and per the advice of the Commission nationale des monuments historiques, finally, the lack of precision in this commission’s instructions, notably as concerns the “restitution – restoration of the gables in their original state”, are of a nature to raise serious doubts concerning the legality of the decision now appealed…”.

The work which is not contested such as that on the Galerie d’Hercule may continue. The rest will now have to be judged in depth.

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Didier Rykner, mercredi 16 septembre 2009

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