Two Appointments for Heads of Department at the Louvre Submitted to the French Minister of Culture

17/6/13 - Appointments - Paris, Musée du Louvre - The directors of the departments at the Louvre are appointed by the French Minister of Culture based on proposals made by the President of the Museum. He has now submitted two names to Aurélie Filippetti to head the Département des Arts Graphiques and the Département des Objets d’Art. Although the museum did not wish to either confirm or deny our information - which is perfectly normal -, we can announce that these are respectively Xavier Salmon and Jannic Durand. In making his first decisions, Jean-Luc Martinez, himself just recently appointed as president of the Musée du Louvre, has chosen two figures which should not raise any controversy and which the minister should approve without hesitating. The two future directors do indeed present the needed background and qualities needed for this type of position.

Xavier Salmon

Jannic Durand

Xavier Salmon will thus probably replace Carel van Tuyll who left last January of his own accord in order to return to the Netherlands. Someone from outside the museum was preferred over an insider, though several curators in the department had applied.
A heritage curator, Xavier Salmon has been Directeur du patrimoine et des collections at the château in Fontainebleau for three years, after a similar period spent at the Inspection générale des musées - now extinct - and thirteen at Versailles where he was curator in charge of 18th century paintings. He recently published, at Edition Snoeck, a work highlighting Italian artists who worked in Fontainebleau [1].

In the Département des Objets d’Art, on the contrary, an insider has been chosen to succeed Marc Bascou who is retiring. Jannic Durand, who has spent his entire professional career at the Louvre, is a graduate of the Ecole nationale des Chartes and a heritage curator. This specialist of Medieval and Byzantine art, is in charge of creating a new Département des Arts de Byzance et des chrétientés d’Orient. In fact, he was already deputy director of the department which he will probably be heading. Readers will find an interesting interview with Jannic Durand in the student newspaper of the Ecole du Louvre, Louvr’boîte of April 2010.

The next appointment to be submitted to the French Minister of Culture but which cannot be made until the recruiting period is over, will be that of Jean-Luc Martinez’ successor as head of the Département des Antiquités Grecques, Etrusques et Romaines.

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Didier Rykner, mardi 18 juin 2013


[1] Xavier Salmon, Fontainebleau, le temps des Italiens, 2013, Editions Snoeck, 271 p., 39€. ISBN : 9789461610782

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