Two Armchairs from the Orleans Chancellery Pre-Empted by the State

Mathieu de Bauve (dead circa 1786)
Charles De Wailly (1730-1793),
Beechwood - 96 x 64 x 65 cm
Photo : Aguttes

17/6/12 - Acquisitions - Paris - Following the Louvre’s pre-emption of a Bouchardon bust, the State also intervened during the auction organized by Aguttes last 11 June, thus acquiring a pair of bergères for 118,000 euros (without charges), thanks to the heritage fund at the French Ministry of Culture and patronage from.... the Banque de France. Bearing the stamp of Mathieu Bauve, they were produced between 1766-1768 after drawings by Charles de Wailly (1730-1793) for the Hôtel d’Argenson also known as the Hôtel de la Chancellerie d’Orléans, destroyed in 1923 by...the Banque de France.
Marc-René de Voyer de Paulmy d’Argenson, marquis of Voyer, entrusted Charles de Wailly, architect, urban designer, decorator and ornamenter with refurbishing his residence between 1762 and 1770 ; part of the furniture was also changed to bring it up to the current fashion. Two different chair models were designed for the Grand Salon, one produced by Mathieu Bauve, who became a master cabinet-maker in 1754, and the other by Baptiste Boulard, cabinet-maker for the Garde-Meuble of the crown.
As pointed out in the auction catalogue, the decoration of these two armchairs is particularly rich : besides the band with large godroons, the backs present pomegranates, the sides show scrolls and acanthus leaves, the tapered feet are ornated with twisted grooves and laurel leaves. The sculptor is unknown but the gilder was Jean-Maurice Félon who worked for Médard Brancourt, ordinary painter to the king. Furthermore, these armchairs appear in the Parisian book by William Chambers, a Scottish architect who, during a stay in Paris in 1774, designed the décor for the Hôtel d’Argenson.
These bergères will be placed in the Hôtel de Rohan-Strasbourg where the décor of the Chancellerie d’Orléans (see article in French) will soon be reinstalled ; in the meantime, they will be on view at the Archives nationales in the Salons of the Palais de Soubise.

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Bénédicte Bonnet Saint-Georges, lundi 18 juin 2012

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