Upcoming Auction at Artcurial of Part of the Jacques Thuillier Collection

1. Charles Le Brun (1619-1690)
Oil on Canvas - 81 x 65 cm
Former Collection of Jacques Thuillier
Artcurial’s Auction on 28th March 2012
Photo : Artcurial

13/01/12 - Art Market - Jacques Thuillier Auction - We know that Jacques Thuillier, who recently passed away (see news item of 18/10/11 in French), was an exceptional collector and a generous donor to French museums. Two groups of works were donated respectively to Nancy and Vic-sur-Seille. The (very theoretical) anonymity surrounding this generous offering has in fact just officially been lifted.

However, few people knew he had kept a certain number of paintings and drawings. Shortly after making his donations, he had been forced to sell some objects through a Parisian gallery in order to purchase the apartment he was living in but there were many more and Artcurial will offer around sixty paintings and drawings on 28 March at the Hôtel Dassault [1].
The selection appearing at the Hôtel Dassault next spring very clearly reflects Jacques Thuillier’s taste for 17th and 18th century French art. We will only quote a few of the works here, not a total listing, and we will probably return in the future to discuss some of them, or others not included here today.

From the 17th century, there is notably a very beautiful Crucifixion (ill. 1), an early work by Charles Le Brun, of which Jacques Thuillier owned another version on a panel donated to Vic-sur-Seille, as well as a very spectacular sheet by Michel Corneille, the Younger, depicting The Presentation at the Temple (ill. 2) as well as a small drawing by Claude Lorrain, The Charity of Saint Martin.

2. Michel Corneille, the Younger (1642-1708)
The Presentation at the Temple
Brown Wash with White Heightening - 49 x 74 cm
Former Collection of Jacques Thuillier
Artcurial’s Auction on 28th March 2012
Photo : Artcurial

3. Gabriel Ferrier (1847-1914)
Oil on Paper Mounted on Panel - 31 x 21 cm
Former Collection of Jacques Thuillier
Artcurial’s Auction on 28th March 2012
Photo : Didier Rykner

There are several studies from the 19th century, both anonymous (but of fine quality) and by artists such as Jean-Joseph Weerts (two studies for spandrels at Paris City Hall), Lecomte du Nouÿ, Joseph Blanc (double study for Comedy and Singing for the entrance hall at the Opéra-Comique in Paris), a beautiful gouache watercolor by Luc-Olivier Merson and also a Ganymede by Gabriel Ferrier (ill. 3). Finally, for the 20th century, there are several small paintings by Robert Pougheon. There will be enough, at very reasonable prices, to satisfy both private collectors and museums.

Version française

Didier Rykner, lundi 16 janvier 2012


[1] About eighty others, less important, will be presented at a small auction with catalogue on 1st February at the Hôtel Drouot.

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