Various Exhibitions in Paris around the Salon du Dessin

1. Hugues Taraval (1729-1785)
A Young Woman Reclining in a Landscape, 1776
Black Chalk, Watercolor - 42 x 56 cm
Galerie Boquet & Marty de Cambiaire
Photo : Galerie Boquet & Marty de Cambiaire

15/4/13 - Art market - Paris - There are many exhibitions this year during the Salon du Dessin in private galleries around Paris. Besides the ones we mentioned earlier, here are a few more presenting some very beautiful offerings.

Certainly the most outstanding is at Boquet & Marty de Cambiaire until 16 April in their gallery at the Place Vendôme. The selection is so remarkable that most of the sheets have already been sold, mainly to American clients, including certain museums (we don’t know which ones). One room held notably three French 18th century masterpieces, among the most beautiful drawings by their respective artists : A Young Woman Reclining in a Landscape by Hugues Taraval (ill. 1), a Tobias Burying the Dead by Jean-Baptiste Deshays and Juno Orders Aeolus To Unleash the Storm by Louis-Jacques Durameau. A small Italian drawing by Francesco Venni shows a strange iconography : the Virgin with a Peacock, the bird was a symbol of immortality for the Romans who believed the flesh could not rot. This detail is provided by the entry in the luxurious catalogue published for the occasion with very thorough research undertaken by Laurie Marty de Cambiaire [1].

2. Jean-Baptiste Deshays (1729-1765)
The Abduction of Deianira
Oil on paper mounted on canvas - 27 x 35.2 cm
Galerie Alexis Bordes
Photo : Galerie Alexis Bordes

A catalogue is a tremendous plus for all of these exhibitions as it ensures a trace of the works which are sold since, at times, they disappear for years among private collections.
Alexis Bordes and Matthieu Néouze are two of the art dealers from the Drouot neighborhood who publish catalogues on a regular basis as well.
The first (his exhibition closes on 26 April) is also offering a sheet by Jean-Baptiste Deshays, this time representing The Abduction of Deianira (ill. 2), a grisaille in oil on paper, mounted on canvas, along with a rare Portrait of a Gentleman in Bust in pastel by Jean-Marc Nattier, better known as a painter than a pastel artist, and also an allegory After the Victory by Edgar Maxence, in a complex technique with tempera, gouache, pastel and gold leaf heightenings.

At Matthieu Néouze’s, visitors will also find sculptures and Symbolist paintings, the dealer’s specialty, along with drawings. In keeping with our subject, we reproduce only a sheet, an extraordinary and troubling example, Bird of Prey by Léon Spilliaert (ill. 3) where a sort of witch, drawn entirely in ink with amazing dexterity, stands out in perfect profile with her long nose. The work is disturbing, as is another witch, by Manuel Orazi, in charcoal and pastel on paper, face on this time, turning the pages of her book of spells.

3. Léon Spilliaert (1881-1946)
Bird of Prey, 1903
Pencil, Chinese Ink Wash,
Black Chalk - 50.3 x 35.6 cm
Galerie Matthieu Néouze
Photo : Galerie Matthieu Néouze

4. Henri Regnault (1843-1871)
Study for Holofernes
Graphite - 30 x 46 cm
Saint Honoré Art Consulting
Photo : Saint Honoré Art Consulting

Moving down to the Seine, we now visit Etienne Bréton and Nicolas Schwed who are presenting two remarkable exhibitions.
The first is offering a veritable monographic exhibition on Henri Regnault, from the Bréton family who we learn was related very briefly to the artist as the daughter of Louis Bréton, Etienne’s geat-great grandfather, was engaged to the artist shortly before he died in the war.
On view here (also with a catalogue which thus adds to the bibliography on Henri Regnault) are many drawings (ill. 4) but also a plaster sculpture, a horse from Napoleon III’s stables in Saint Cloud, which Regnault signed and dated September 1856. He was only thirteen at the time. Fortunately for us this was a precocious artist since, having died suddenly at the age of 27, we still have a significant number of his works.

Nicolas Schwed as usual presents us with old master drawings, here again assembled in a catalogue with long entries. We point out notably a Triumph of the Grand Condé by Pierre-Paul Sevin, a watercolor by Joseph Vernet representing a ship in dry dock (ill. 5) as well as a large Neo-classic sheet : The Death of Nero by Philippe-Auguste Hennequin.

5. Joseph Vernet (1714-1789)
A Ship in Drydock at the Darsena in Naples
Black Chalk, Pen and Brown Ink - 38.3 x 32.7 cm
Galerie Nicolas Schwed
Photo : Galerie Nicolas Schwed

6. Hubert Robert (1733-1808)
Washerwomen on the Banks of a
River by a Round Temple in Ruins

Oil on Canvas - 80.3 x 64.6 cm
Galerie Perrin
Photo : Galerie Perrin

Still on the right bank, art enthusiasts can also stroll down the rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, and visit Maurizio Nobile’s who is presenting Italian drawings collected in a catalogue [2], until 27 April, or also call at the Perrin gallery, place Beauvau, to discover a very beautiful ensemble of Italian landscapes, both paintings and drawings, from the 17th to the 19th century, though we regret the lack of a catalogue. There are notably paintings by Francesco Guardi and Hubert Robert (ill. 6), as well as works by Ippolito Caffi, an excellent 19th century Italian landscapist who also worked in France.

We will conclude this tour of Parisian galleries tomorrow, on the Left Bank where we have not yet paid our visit.

Boquet et Marty de Cambiaire, 16 place Vendôme, 75001 Paris. Tel : +33 1 49 26 05 01. Exhibition until 16 April 2013. Catalogue. Website.

Galerie Alexis Bordes, 19 rue Drouot, 75009 Paris. Tel : +33 1 47 70 43 30. Exhibition until 26 April 2013. Online catalogue. Website.

Galerie Mathieu Néouze, 16, rue de la Grange-Batelière, 75009, Paris. Tel : +33 1 53 34 84 89.. Exposition until 20 april 2013. Catalogue. Website.

Etienne Bréton et Nicolas Schwed, 346 rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris, 2nd floor. Tel : +33 1 44 77 98 90. Exhibitions Henri Regnault and Dessins anciens et du 19e siècle. Catalogues.

Galerie Maurizio Nobile, 45 rue de Penthièvre, 75008 Paris. Tel : +33 1 56 63 07 75. Exhibition until 27 April 2013. Catalogue. Website.

Galerie Perrin, 98 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, place Beauveau, 75008 Paris. Tel : +33 1 42 65 01 38. Exhibition until 11 May 2013. Website.

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Didier Rykner, mardi 16 avril 2013


[1] For old master drawings ; the entries for 20th century works are by Damien Boquet.

[2] It was unfortunately not available when we attended the inauguration and we have not been able to return.

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