Work, and Damages, Continues at Ancenis

Crack in a Section of the Eastern Bastion of the Château
State on 24 february 2012
Photo : N. Faucherre

28/02/12 - Heritage - Ancenis, château - The mission sent by the French Ministry of Culture to inspect Ancenis mistakenly led us to believe for a moment that work there had been stopped. On the contrary, it is continuing full speed ahead in order to make the changes at the site irreversible before the Tribunal administratif meets on 13 March to examine the appeal submitted by the Association pour la protection et la promotion du Château d’Ancenis (APPCA).

Work continues and with it the damages. During a meeting held by members of the ARRA (Association pour la Recherche de la Région Ancenienne), the deputy mayor for cultural affairs of Ancenis admitted that a fragment of the enclosure wall had indeed been destroyed, described as "undeniable damage" according to this elected official [1]. Undeniable, but nevertheless denied until now by the Prefect and the Directeur Régional des Affaires Culturelles !
Even more seriously however, there appear to be other damages as well : according to the APPCA, which alerted the French Minister, an important crack (ill.) has appeared in a section of the eastern bastion of the château. Furthermore, falling rock from the machicolation, caused by the work, has landed in the garden of the Villa la Douvelière, a listed monument adjacent to the château. Despite the gravity of the situation, the ministry continues to stall when faced with this damage to a listed monument. Alas, this is nothing new in the ongoing attacks to heritage sites by local authorities.

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Didier Rykner, mercredi 29 février 2012


[1] Roberte Jourdon, "Château : le maire parle du projet devant l’Arra", Ouest-France, 27 February 2012.

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